We gave it our all. Thanks for being part of our journey. We'll miss it (and you all) dearly.

On August 16th 2012, I had a skydiving accident that would have far reaching consequences for me. I was paralysed initially, but over the past 4 and half years through rehab, I can now walk unaided. Unfortunately Deepseed requires more than I am able to commit to it, and so regretably I must take some time out to regroup.

Therefore, with immediate effect, we are no longer taking on any new orders. All of our existing orders will be fulfilled and shipped to customers awaiting their Deepseed products. I hope you can respect and understand what a difficult decision this has been, having spent 10 years working on building Deepseed as a company and a brand, based on quality produced products, delivered with good customer service at affordable prices.

Thank you so much to all of you who have supported Deepseed over the years and to those of you who have kept in touch, even after I stopped appearing at the DZ’s and skydiving events. That has meant a lot to me during this time.

I hope this is not the end of the story for Deepseed, but for now… It’s been emotional.

Liam Dunne (Geezer)