The ONE and ONLY Multispeed Suit from Deepseed. This suit, takes the problem of having to “Dress for Success”, espcially for the Pro-Skydiver, and via the use of well designed Drag panels, on the Arms and Legs, you get ONE suit, with a Range of Speeds. Unzip Just Arms, Just Legs, or BOTH Arms and Legs, to give you a variety of fall rates from a single suit. The Basic Suit is very reasonably priced from only $550 New Zealand Dollars and includes Spandex (punch through) wrist Cuffs, Velcro Leg Cuffs, Spandex Collar and Zip Protector as standard features. You can also order your suit in choice of Tight, Regular or Loose, with different Tolerances for MEN and WOMEN.




4 Ply Taslon
Heavy Stretch Spandex
Windproof Neoprene
1000D Cordura
Cordura 160
Nylon Bonded Thread
Sport X-Dry Lining


Micro Grips
Cordura knee/butt
2 collar choices
Concealed arm/leg cuffs
Multiple pocket choices
Tight – Loose fit