We very proudly present the NEXUS.

Our Design brief was simple. Less Panels, Less Seams, Less spandex and more power, and the result of 2 years of research and design has produced our best tunnel suit ever.

We introduced Cordura 160 into our fabric range to get the ball rolling, now whilst this material is less breathable than Taslon, it does ensure more power, due to being less porous and therefore exerting more resistance against the air it comes into contact with. IN our development we found that With each change of fabric, you get a slight change in wind resistance and seams also behave differently in the airflow. The less of them you have, the less turbulent airflow around your limbs and the smoother your flying.

The two brand new collars we have  developed ensure a tighter seal for vertical flying and we have also increased the strength and durability around the cuffs, which we found to be a high stress point on suits as people take their suits on and off.

We are in our Last 2 months of development of this suit, if you would like to enter our testing program, we are offering 10 flyers the chance to get their hands on an early bird model – click bellow to find out more.

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Secret Squirrel
But it Comes from the same place as Godzilla


One Fit
Fully Loaded


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