When you’re Flying Camera, Above all else, you want to be there for the Money Shot!

With the Power and Precision you can achieve with a Deepseed Wing Camera Jacket, you will make sure you are always there for the money Shot. Standard Sitfly Wing is equally at home on Belly or in Sit, giving you Freedom to work those angles. Be where you need to be. With a fitted design, the jacket can be worn on it’s own, in shorts, or If you need some drag from your legs as well, use it in combination with a pair of Deepseed Freefly Pants. Fully adjustable wing attachments and thumb loops, mean you can tailor the jacket to suit your own unique flying style.



4 Ply Taslon
Heavy Stretch Spandex
Windproof Neoprene
1000D Cordura
Cordura 160
Nylon Bonded Thread
Sport X-Dry Lining


Micro Grips
Cordura knee/butt
2 collar choices
Concealed arm/leg cuffs
Multiple pocket choices
Tight – Loose fit